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SBD Dauntless

 Movie Models 5.0.....$499.95 SALE $34.95

Format: LightWave 3D .lwo  V 9.6


File Size: 125 meg single zip file


Includes:            Textures





Renderings in Lightwave V 9.6


File Type LightWave 3D Object File


Three-dimensional object created by LightWave 3D, a program used for 3D modeling, animation, and rendering; contains points, polygons, and surfaces that describe the object's shape and appearance; may also contain references to image files used for object textures.


LWO files are saved in the LWO2 format beginning with LightWave 6.0. They may also be imported directly by




LightWave 3D


pmG messiahStudio

MicroMouse AccuTrans 3D Converter

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What's Included:

M2 Bradley

UH-60 Black Hawk


F18 Hornet

Mars Lander

Mars Rover


  • Bell Jet Ranger Helicopter
  • 747
  • SBD Dauntless
  • Moon Base
  • M1 Abrams Tank
  • B17 Flying Fortress
  • Men In Black Dragon Fly
  • A10 WartHog
  • Apollo Lunar and Command Modules
  • Leduc Ram Jet
  • Metro Subway Train
  • HL-10 Lifting Body
  • M2 Bradley
  • B52 Stratofortress
  • Berkut Experimental Aircraft
  • C130 Hercules
  • UH-60 Black Hawk
  • Chupacabra
  • F18 Hornet
  • Mars Lander
  • Mars Rover
  • Mars Crawler
  • Mars Space Station
  • Mars UAV
  • Interceptor
  • Delta Prop
  • Metro Subway Tunnel
  • Drone 5
  • Space Shuttle Instrument Panel
  • X-28 Experimental Rocket
  • Space Intruder
  • Sky Jet
  • Rocket Man
  • UH1 Huey
  • Future City
  • Dome Ship
  • Fort Knox (with gold)
  • Space Dock
  • Ray Guns
  • AH-64 Apache
  • NY Cityscape
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • City of Gold
  • Retro Cockpit Instruments
  • Battle Bots
  • Android
  • Bug Insect
  • Action Hero
  • Radio Tower
  • Clock Tower 1




News Helicopter


Moon Base

M1 Abrams

Presenting Movie Models 5.0, a collection of over 50 amazing, ready-to-use 3D objects in

Lightwave 3D (.lwo) format.


Robots, cities, moon bases, aircraft, ray-guns, drones, military vehicles, killer insects, Mars vehicles and even a Fort Knox filled with gold (and a one armed John Travolta included free)! These models have been used in movies such as Men in Black, Black Hawk Down, Courage Under Fire, Seal Team Six, The Siege, Battlefield Earth, and TV shows like the X-Files, 24, several Syfy channel movies and loads of commercials.


Representing thousands of hours of modeling time, this model set can help you get there faster, and is available to studios, animators, graphics artists, and hobbyists for the first time ever. As Titanic's Academy Award-winning CG Supervisor put it, “many of these models are the bread-and-butter kinds of models that everyone in the FX industry needs in their kit, especially these days when there are so many action and SciFi films.”


This collection can save any hobbyist, animator or studio hundreds if not thousands of dollars in production costs. Where else can you get the results of thousands of hours of modeling time for the low price of ???

Mars Crawler

B17 Flying Fortress

Dragon Fly

A10 WartHog

Leduc Ram Jet

Apollo Lunar Module & CM

Metro Subway Train

HL-10 Lifting Body

B52 Stratofortress

Berkut Experimental Aircraft

C130 Hercules