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My 3D Tools is a new company but our team has worked together for a long time, in some cases for more than twenty years.  During that time we've pioneered several technologies that are now common in the industry, such as digital set extensions (on TV with seaQuest DSV and in theaters with Titanic), the integration of practical effects with digital (Hercules, seaQuest DSV, etc.), and even helped bring the auto industry's first fully digital cars to life (in various Chevy spots between 1997 and 2000). We were part of the Emmy-winning team that took the Star Trek television franchise from practical models to digital, with Star Trek: Voyager, and helped develop new animation and rendering tools.  We've also broken new ground in the theme park world, providing the media (through Falcon's Treehouse of Orlando) for the first full 360 degree stereoscopic 3D motion ride, for the world's largest multimedia presentation, and most recently for the world's first stereoscopic 3D dome attraction (SeaWorld Orlando's TurtleTrek).  We've also produced independent films and music videos. So we know how daunting deadlines can be, and how budgets are never quite enough, regardless of their size. We want to bring affordable, quality models to everyone.



             Titanic, Men In Black, Black Hawk Down, Courage Under Fire, The Siege,

             Star Trek TNG,   Stewart Little, The Astronauts Wife,  Brothers,

             Seal Team Six, Hard Wired,  X-Files, 24, The West Wing, Wild Hogs,

             In the Valley of Elah, Dracula 2000, SeaQuest DSV,  and many others.    




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                                                               Fred Tepper - Digital Ship Lead Titanic


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