"Best 3D Object Library for the money!"- Mark Lasoff Academy Award Winner Titanic

I Fly Spaceships.com

Many of you are wondering about the quality of the objects. The best way to answer this is with the renderings I have posted. Here you can scrutinize to your heart's content.  I’ve included many wire-frames in the preview.  Most of them come textured, however only  2 use UV maps.  However, the surfaces can be baked in LW and you can convert the textures to UV if you so desire. These are the actual objects that have been used in the projects listed and have been used by VFX companies and famous matte painting artists. Some of these objects were created to sell movie ideas and concepts to Universal Studios, 20th Century-Fox, Columbia Tri-Star and the Syfy Channel.  Every object in the collection has its own background story.  Some of  the projects never made it to the screen, but they were good enough to option deals for the projects.   The moon base object, for example, was something I made with the idea of producing a show based on the Mattel toy "Major Matt Mason."  It ended up in a teaser for another show that was purchased by Sony.  (My attempt at doing a Matt Mason project was shot down when Tom Hanks leapfrogged me with a development deal.  Even though nothing seems to have come of that, my project is still dead.)


In terms of the actual dollar value of this set, that’s a little difficult to calculate since everyone works at different rates. If you were to go out and purchase the objects today-- quality objects on a good site like Turbo Squid-- what would they cost you?  Well I actually had one of these models, the SBD Dauntless, on Turbo Squid for about a year.  I figured it was very good model and I wanted to see how it would perform.  I listed it for $99 thinking that was a good competitive price comparable to other objects with equivalent detail and texturing.  The object sold eight times during that period.  Mostly, I believe, to high end VFX companies who were working on a Tom Hanks HBO series about the Pacific.  Not one of the purchasers asked for a refund or complained about the object in any way.  I can honestly say that at least twenty five of the models in this set are at the level of quality, and some are better.  That alone would make the set worth at least $1500 for just those specific 25 objects.  The other 25 objects I would say are worth between $20 and $75. This adds another $500 value to set.


Regarding the utility of these models... Each person will look at the collection and see a few models that will make them think "I'll never use that."  That group will be different for each person, of course.  But there are quite a few that, if you do FX work with any kind of regularity, you'll use often-- for example, the military planes and helicopters screen-ready models at your fingertips.  For the price, you can't go wrong.